Mr  Jamaa Moatassim the head of the communal council of Sale was born in 1961 in Tiznit province, married and father to 4 kids, got a certificate from the high school of teachers; major biology geology. He has many positions and occupations among which we can cite:

  • High school teacher of natural sciences from 1987 to 1997;
  • Member of the council of consultants from 1997 to 2009;
  • Member of the  special committee of education and formation which  the Moroccan king Hassan II charged to prepare the charter of education and training  from 1999 to2005;
  • Vice president of the council of the  Urban Commune of  Sale 2003 to 2009;
  • The head of the council of Tabrikt district from 2003 to 2013;
  • The vice president of the urban commune council  from  2003 to 2009;
  • Member of the economic and social and environmental council since 2011;
  • The president of the office of the head of the government since 2012;
  • Member of the general secretariat of Justice and Development party from 1997 to 2012;
  • Head of the national council of national union of employment from 2010 to 2015;
  • First vice secretary general of the national union of employment in Morocco;
  • Member of the council of the administration of the Moroccan fund of retirement representing the presidents of communes.