Social institutions

There are many facilities with a social nature in Sale city, and they are scattered among districts as follows:

Social FacilitiesDistrict
Female household Hay Salam ExtensionBettana
Female household Hay Moulay IsmailBettana
Craft Co-operative for the Female Initiative Free of Sewing Embroidery and Textile industryBettana
Youth hostel Hay Moulay IsmailBettana
Al Amal Association of Support to Socio-Educational Complex Sala Al jadidaH'ssaine
Vocational Training Center for the homeless (under construction)H'ssaine
National Center Mohammed VI for DisabledH'ssaine
Citizen's House Kariat Oulad MoussaH'ssaine
Socioeducational integrated nearby CenterLaâyayda
Female household Laâyayda 2Laâyayda
social and sports nearby Center Lalla KhadijaLaâyayda
Citizen's HouseLaâyayda
Youth hostel El GuezzaraLaâyayda
Retirement home in rue Bourmada (under construction)Lamrissa
Children's House Tabriquet