Tabriquet district

Tabriquet was made as an urban commune with a corporate body and financial independence in accordance with the decree nb  462.92.2 issued on the date of June 30th 1992 which limits the number of circles and administrative annexes and urban and rural communes.

And in the year 2003, and after  the application of the system of city unity in accordance with the law   number 78.00 related to the communal chart in conformity  with the dhahir  number 1.02.297 on the date of October  3rd 2002, the district of Tabriquet became one of the five districts which form the urban commune of Sale .


Tabriquet district is located in the city center of Sale,it is limited from the east by Bettana and Laayayda districts ,from the west Bab Lmrissa district ,from the south Bab Lmrissa and Bettana districts,and from the north Laayayda district.

Tabriquet district is considered one of the largest city districts on the demographic level, its surface reaches 960 hectares and its population 277 252 according to 2014 census , most of them are young and they belong to a social class with low income.

The district has many sport, cultural and cultural and social facilities, commercial stores and infrastructures which satisfy inhabitants needs . Among the prominent neighborhoods of the district,Rustal neighborhood,Almazraa neighbourhood,Almiaara neighbourhood,Lalla Aicha neighbourhood,Al Quds neighbourhood,Al Huriya neighbourhood, Al Inbiaath neighbourhood,and Arrahma neighborhood.It is crossed by many avenues famous for their high population density like avenue Med V, avenue Lalla  Amina and avenue Lalla Asma.