Sale commune gives a special importance to choosing the best means and ways of management of its public facilities with the aim of improving the quality of services presented to its inhabitants, for this purpose it has deputized  the management of the sector of hygiene  in the city to special companies ,which  contributed in improving the level of services in the fields of sweeping, garbage collection and the degree of coverage. It also contributed in forming employees, sharing skills and improving equipments, and management systems and the qualification of systems of internal control. Despite the clear change in the quality of services, the experience is not free of any problems and impediments which reached the level wherein it was impossible that the deputy  would continue to carry out its obligations  and which imposed taking  a set of measures to guarantee the continuity of managing this sector in good conditions, and these measures are as follows:

  1. September 14th 2012 : abolishing the contract signed with Fuolia company  of hygiene     with imposing fines and detainment with a total of 1.635.949.40 DHS after managing the services of hygiene through direct  procuration for two months.
  2. September 17th 2012 : signing the contract of deputized management of the sector of hygiene in the two districts Bettana and Ahssin with the company of MECOMAR with a value of DHS for a period of six months in order to maintain the continuity of the sector while waiting for the preparation of the liability ledger .  
  3. March 26th 2013 :the signature of the contract of deputized management of the sector of hygiene in the districts of Bettana and  Ahssin with the company of Ozone Environment et Service with a value of 884.70942.35 DHS, over a period of seven years in which the company  commits itself to collecting  garbage , transporting it to the center of recycling, and to sweeping   the streets and avenues and public places.
  4. January 1st 2010, signature of the contract of deputized management to the sector of hygiene in the districts of Lemrissa with the company TECMED with a value of 111.55607.14 DHS.
  5. February 9th , the implementation of management through procuration to the company of  TECMED  for a period of 1 month.
The Company's nameThe Districts
OZONE Envirennemnt et ServicesBettana

It is worth mentioning that during the year 2015, there was the creation of the center of recycling garbage in the city, and at the beginning of July in the same year, there was the launch of deputized management  to the sector of  hygiene  in the two districts of Tabrikt and Leyayda from the part of the company  Ozone Environment et Service over  a period of seven years with a total value of 39,004.746.00 dhs.

Concerning the amount of waste which was collected and transported to the waste dump since 2009 until 2015, it reached 774.90512 tons, which equals 786.710.91 liters of  LEXIVIAT.

The outcome of the interventions of control committees reached in the same period a number of 142.920 interventions which resulted in confirming fines and taxes with a value of dhs.