Regional investment center

Similar to the other regional investment centers in the Kingdom, the important mission of the Regional Investment Center of Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaër is to be the only entity that people aspiring to create enterprises could contact. Moreover, this entity is also made for local and foreign investors, in addition to the fact that it is a link between project holders and the different departments concerned in order to facilitate the administrative procedures related to investment operations.

The Regional Investment Center of Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaër was established according to the royal missive on January, 9th 2002 addressed to the Prime Minister. The fundamental functions of this center are the following:

Entrepreneurship support:

There is an office which carries out this mission and it is meant for this purpose as the only entity to be contacted by those who wish to create an enterprise whatever its legal status. Staff members in this entity provide a standard form to fill for those who wish to create enterprises which includes all the necessary information according to the regulatory laws related to creating enterprises.

Staff members collect all the necessary documents from the different administrations according to the relevant laws and the ones that are needed to create a company, and within a deadline decided by the Wali (Governor) of the Region, the applications need to be submitted and studied; it is also necessary to provide the documents that prove creating enterprises.

This office, which aims to help creating enterprises, includes all the administrations concerned:

  • The Moroccan Office for Industrial Affairs.
  • The Directorate of Taxes.
  • Chamber of commerce.
  • The National Social Security Fund.

The Regional Investment Center provides a standard format of application for entrepreneurs. The application must include a request to register in the Directorate of Taxes, the registration statement in the commercial register, statement of tax identification and a request to contribute in the National Social Security Fund.

Providing assistance for entrepreneurs:

There is an office created to this purpose which carries out this mission and provides entrepreneurs with all the information needed about regional investments.

  • Considering all the applications of administrative authorization or preparing all the administrative documents necessary to undertake investment projects in the industry, the agricultural industrialization, minerals, tourism, handicrafts and accommodation which are estimated at less than 200 million Dirhams, in order to help the Wali (Governor) of the Region deliver the authorizations or sign the administrative decisions related to investment. These administrative procedures can be summarized in the following points:
    • Purchasing or renting the State’s land;
    • Temporary occupation of forest lands;
    • Temporary occupation of public lands;
    • Licenses for research and mineral exploration;
    • Classification of public institutions;
    • Licenses for selling alcohol.
  • Studying drafts of projects and drafts of agreements that will be concluded with the State in order to provide investors with special privileges in relation with investments in the sectors aforementioned which need 200 million Dirhams or more and guided these projects to the competent governmental authority in order to be ratified and signed by the contracting parties. Within his mandate, the Wali carries out the mission of preparing and implementing the authorizations and the necessary contracts to undertake the investments which is the subject of the contract that he is in charge of implementing.
  • Suggesting consensual solutions related to any conflicts that could happen between investors and administrations.