The communal council of Sale is concerned with organizing and maintaining the cemeteries and preserving  them  through buying new lands and specifying them to bury the dead of Muslims, and equipping  already existing cemeteries. For this purpose, the commune signed a deal with a specialized company for the purpose of daily continuous maintenance of cemeteries ,through  managing  paths ,paving them,  uprooting  weeds  and throwing  away all kinds of  garbage , maintenance and painting of walls , besides providing permanent guards .

Besides, maintaining the morgue  in the communal bureau of preserving health which  was equipped with necessary tools to preserve corpses, together with maintaining cars for transporting the dead.   


It is worth mentioning here that the reopening  of the cemetery of Sidi Belabass after managing it will alleviate pressure on the local cemeteries and  provide sufficient and convenient surfaces to bury the dead of Muslims.

The districtCemeteriesThe areaThe proportion of overfilling
BAB LAMRISSABab Maalqa50.000100%
Sidi Ben Acher25.000100%
BETTANASidi Bel Abbès12.00010%
LAAYAYDA/ TABRIQUETSidi Daoui35.00090%
Sidi Abdellah35.00035%
H'SSAINESidi Daoui 12.000100%
Sidi Bou Gtaya11.24090%
Sidi Bou Maaza9.57070%
Douar Riah24.400100%
Sidi Hmida8.00060%
Sidi Maachou8.40070%
Sidi Mohamed Benali4.20090%