• The old town

    Salé was founded by the dynasty of Banu Ifran during the 10th century before it was taken over by Almoravids in 1028. During the 11th century,thanks to its strategic position

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  • History

    Salé is one of oldest cities in the Islamic Maghreb, it was founded around the beginning of the 11th century by Banu Achara dynasty which was under the sovereignty of

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  • Festivals

    According to researchers, festivals form the modern side of celebration which characterizes people’s life. It is an expression of a desire for communication, and an opportunity to get away from

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  • The field

    “A large city with diverse characteristics” Location: Sale city is located in the region of Rabat –Sale-Kenitra  on a global surface estimated at 95,48 Km2 ,it is limited from the

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Commune of Salé

The Bureau

According  to the  implications  of  the  law  number  14 . 113 related to the commune, the bureau of the communal  council of Sale is formed