The conference of the presidents of council districts

The conference of the president s of the district councils is considered a consulting committee in the communal council and it includes  the head of the district councils.

The conference meets at least once year, and if need be by an invitation from the head of the communal council, who has the right, if necessary to invite any person whose presence is beneficial to the conference, and this to discuss especially :

  • The programs of equipment and local activation which concern two or many districts and which are intended to be performed on the territory of the commune. And also about relegating the management of public facilities if their services concern the inhabitants of many districts.
  • Any suggestions aiming at improving local public facilities.

The head of the communal council assumes the responsibility of fixing the agenda of the conference after consulting the heads of the council districts, and he addresses to the governor or his deputy within a period of 3 days a copy of the  report of the meetings of the conference. The report also should reach those concerned through posting it in the commune and districts and through any other convenient means.