The memory of the council

The first communal council was set up in Sale city in 1959, after  a  short period of Morocco getting its independence and that for setting the foundation for the Moroccan modern state.

CouncilDurationPresident elect
Salé1959-1962Ahmed BELYAMANI
1963-1965Mohamed BELAHCEN
1965-1976Ahmed AOUAD
1976-1983Abdelmajid BELQADI
1983-1992Ahmes BELHAJ

In 1992, the communal  organization  knew  a   number  of  innovations  which resulted in a new division of the city to five urban communes besides an urban group. This organization lasted  till 2003 when the system of districts was adapted under the framework of one urban commune.

Urban communes/ Urban groupDurationPresident elect
BETTANA1993-1997Abdelouahed Fadely/ M'hamed Iraamane
1997-2003Driss Sentissi
2003-2009Taoufik Boultam
2009-2015Rachid El Abdi
TABRIQUET1993-1997Larbi Salmi
1997-2003Larbi Salmi
2003-2009Jamaâ El Mouâtassim
2009-2015Jamaâ El Mouâtassim/ Larbi Salmi
LMRISSA1993-1997Mohammed Laâlou
1997-2003Noureddine lazrek
2003-2009Noureddine lazrek
2009-2015Aziz Benbrahim
H'SSAINE1993-1997Driss El Otmani
1997-2003M'hamed Benzahra/ Said Gamal
2003-2009Mohamed Benattia
2009-2015Mohamed Benattia
LAAYAYDA1993-1997Belahcen Ellahya
1997-2003Brahim Mazouz
2003-2009Omar Sentissi
2009-2015Omar Sentissi

The urban group of Sale
The YearPresident
1992-1997Abdelouahed Fadel
1997-2003Driss Sentissi

The system of the unity of the city started in September 2003, and knew the succession of the following presidents:

The YearPresident
2003-2009Driss Sentissi
2009-2015Noureddine Lazrek