According to the requirements of article 25 of the organizational law of communes, the communal council of Sale has created five committees in charge of studying the budget, financial, social, cultural and sport matters , programming, public facilities, services and also human development, urbanization , terrain preparation and environment and  issues related to transit and wandering around, and which necessarily receives all the points listed in the agenda of the council in order to study them .

Every committee meets under the request of the head of the council, or its president or of 1/3 of its members so as to study presented issues. And it is possible for the presidents of the committees to call, through the head of the council, people who work in the services of the commune to participate in the works of the committees as consultants, and they can for the same purpose, through the president of the commune or through the mayor of the province or the person who acts  in his place, call the functionaries and servants of the state or the institutions or the public enterprises whose term of reference include the territorial district of the commune.