The communal bureau of health protection

The communal bureau of health protection subsidiary to Sale commune accomplishes a number of tasks   and services related to prevention measures , public health protection and environment preservation. For  this  purpose ,the bureau controls food products set to the public , controls  all the shops , institutions and spaces located in the city which the public uses and also the places set to consume like restaurants , coffee shops and keeps an eye on tap water. The bureau also organizes cleansing campaigns like fighting against harmful insects, mice, rabies and wandering dogs, besides controlling cases of death and managing the public morgue.

The total of roles which the communal bureau of health protection in Sale does are shared between its subsequent services as follows :

The service of the control of health protection takes care of:
  • Monitoring the provision with tap water;
  • Monitoring water equipments;
  • Monitoring safety of water;
  • Taking samples for analysis;   
  • Making and submitting medical cards;
  • Controlling epidemics;
  • Controlling the hygiene of habitat;
  • Control of the source of harm, nuisance and pollution;
  • Doing the final primary researches in order to give permission to luxury and economical institutions open to the public and to educational and training institutions;
  • Controlling the quality of products made for consumption;
  • The control of shops and institutions of manufacturing and consumption;
  • The control of communal restaurants and the prevention against food intoxications;
  • The control of institutions open to the public;
  • The control of traditional, modern and industrial institutions;
  • The control of educational and training institutions and the control of social centers;
  • The control of touristic complexes and places for summer camping and taking samples for analysis;
  • The control of the health of workers in institutions;
  • The control of public and food means of transport.
The service of vector control takes care of:
  • Managing fight against wandering animals;
  • The control of swamps and black spots;
  • The supervision of the program of fighting against mosquitoes;
  • The supervision of operations of  cleansing;
  • The supervision of organized campaigns to fight against vectors;
  • Fighting against insects;
  • Fighting against rodents;
  • Supervision of collecting and killing wandering cats and dogs;
  • Training workers and supervising operations.         
The service of forensic medicine and the control of deaths takes care of:
  • Delivery of corpses;
  • Examination and autopsy;
  • The management of transporting ,moving and extracting corpses;
  • Managing the affairs of the public morgue;
  • Assuming the responsibility of burying the needy and strangers;
  • Collecting data / information related to births to finish the statistics.
The service of preventive and social medicine takes care of:
  • Managing the means of transporting the dead;
  • Managing the centers of fighting against Rabies;
  • The national program of fighting against Rabies;
  • The contribution in fighting contagious and transmissible diseases;
  • Medical control and the contribution in group vaccinations;
  • Medical assistance for the benefit of charity institutions and inhabitants of slums.