Industrial areas

Large projects have been undertaken in Salé to modernize the infrastructure which creates an economic dynamism that would enhance the status of Salé as a distinct industrial hub on the national level, particularly in the area of spinning and weaving, in addition to the fact that the city has an important status in terms of the abundance of skilled labor. In 2009, the number of permanent jobs in the industrial sector in the city reached 15 000 jobs and the industrial investments reached 421 million Dirhams for the same year.

What distinguishes the industry in Salé is the fact that there are many textile and leather units besides others in chemicals and in mechanic, metal, electrical and electronic materials.

The small and medium industrial units are dominant in Salé and the majority of these installations are located in the industrial areas of Tabrikt, Hay el Rahma, Zahraa towards el Oulja, Sbihi towards Kenitra and the other units are scattered over different districts of Salé.

In regards to the distribution of job positions on sectors, more than 64% of the positions are in the service sector and more than 30% are in the secondary sector and the primary sector provides 1.6% of job positions on the local basis.

That is why, the city is becoming a recognized competitive pole in the sector service, particularly after launching the project Technopolis, in addition to the fact that the city is heading towards touristic investments.