Medical institutions

There are many medical institutions, public and private hospitals in Salé city. The public offers for treatment are formed of:

  • The provincial hospital “Prince Moulay Abdallah” with many specialties ,the capacity of 163 beds and it is located in Tabriquet district.
  • The university hospital for psychiatry “Errazi” which is a pioneer in treating drug addiction and it is in Tabriquet district.
  • The university hospital for rehabilitation and Rheumatism diseases “El ayyachi” which is in neighborhood REML in Lamrissa district.
  • Diagnostic center with multiple specialties in Quarter Essalam in Bettana, it was founded in 1988.
  • Center of diagnostic and treatment of breathing diseases in Lamrissa district. It was founded in
  • The center of dialysis in Moulay Ismail neighborhood in Bettana, founded in 2005.
  • The center of school social medicine in Tabriquet district, founded in 2008.
  • The laboratory of tuberculosis in Bab Lekhmis in Lamrissa district.
  • The center of taking charge of chronic diseases in neighborhood Essalam in Bettana.
  • The provincial chemist’s in neighborhood Essalam in Bettana, founded in 2007.
  • A group of primary medical institutions (medical centers and small hospilals) which cover the whole city as follows:

This in addition to what the private medical sector offers in the form of medical offices in different specialties, and some private clinics like clinic “beausejour” in neighborhood  Erraml in Lamrissa district, and clinic Salé in Avenue Med V in Tabriquet district, and clinic of ophthalmology “Sheikh Maa Alainin” in neighborhood  Erraml in Lamrissa district. Moreover, Salé is close to an important group of large public and private medical institutions in Rabat capital.