Salé beach

The management  of  the beach and the coastal road in Sale are listed under  the program of urban qualification of the city 2014-2016, whose  launching   ceremony was under the supervision of his majesty Med VI on February 12th 2014 and this project which  covers a surface of 41 hectares aims at protecting and improving the quality of the environment and providing equipments and relaxing means to local inhabitants, besides managing spaces to practice hobbies and activities on the coast(fishing,sport, activities….)

And the project consists of three complementary parts:
  • The first part: along Sidi Moumen Neighbourhood, and forms a linking point between the city and the sea, and its management will focus on creating entertaining, sport and urban spaces.
  • The second part: includes the Shrine  of  Sidi Moussa and Gnawa Kasbah and it is distinguished by  tremendous demand   of local inhabitants aiming at sightseeing and relaxing . The specificity of this space will be taken into consideration in the management of this place.
  • The third part: a natural space that goes along the frontiers with the rural commune of Amer, it will be managed in the form of spaces for sightseeing, sport and fishing .

This project will enable of setting up different equipments that satisfy the fixed objectives through managing paths for pedestrians and a special track for bicycles and creating sport fields and managing spaces for kids playgrounds and stalls and refreshment rooms. Besides creating and equipping rest areas with urban equipments for multiple use (chairs; garbage bins, parks for bicycles, taps for potable water) besides creating green spaces and generalizing public electrification.