The Bureau

According  to the  implications  of  the  law  number  14 . 113 related to the commune, the bureau of the communal  council of Sale is formed of the  head  and  10  member  deputies  and they  are  all elected during the deputizing period of the council.

The bureau is responsible for controlling the agenda of the council meetings  and the deputies supervise the implementation of decisions,  each  in  the field deputized to them.

The bureau meets by an invitation from the president once in fortnight, and meets in case of necessity by an initiative from the president or from a written invitation from 1/3 of the bureau.

The meetings of the bureau are attended by the secretary  and his deputy and the bureau can also invite the heads of the committee if the points listed are related to their fields of interest.

The meetings of the Bureau are directed by the president and in his absence his deputies respectively do that, and the bureau of Sale is formed of the following names:

Jamaâ El Mouâtassim
Rachid Douibi
Abed Touiger
Bahaeddine Akdi
Elmostafa Ghomarie
Mohammed Laâlou
Abdellatif Soudou
Mustapha Jawadi
Said Gamal
Halima Chouika
Hicham El Hassani