“Salé, splendours and promises”, a new collective work dedicated to the “city of Corsairs”

Salé, splendours and promises” is the title of a new book dedicated to the city of Salé, recently published by Axions Communication in Rabat under the direction of Mohamed Lotfi M’rini, Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture and of Communication, and Saad Hossini, Moroccan publisher.

The eminent contribution of some twenty authors, from different disciplines, makes this book a reference work on the past and glorious past of Salé, its tainted perpetual motion, and its bright and promising future.

This beautiful book of 200 pages – embellished with a hundred beautiful photos in color, illustrations, as well as historical engravings and rare documents – is a hike in the streets, the ramparts, the gardens, the large doors witnesses a legendary past and looking to the future. With a foreword signed Jamaâ El Moâtassim, president of the Commune of Salé, and a foreword by Mohamed Lotfi M’rini under the title: “Salé, anthology of names”, the book highlights the wealth of artistic, artisanal, natural, tourist, sporting, civilizational and urbanistic of a millenary city whose history is rooted and anchored in time.

Through its eleven chapters, it is indeed the aspects of a fortified, mystical, resistant, urban city that have appeared in this book. The town of Salé is known for its moments, but also for its great figures who have marked the landscapes of science, politics, spirituality, culture and the arts. As a result, the cultural and civilizational aspect of the city is mysterious, fascinating and rich.