The commune council of Salé concludes the work of its extraordinary session by approving the Communal Action Program

The president of the municipality of Salé, Mr. Jamaâ El Moâtassim, presided on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 from 15:00 at the seat of the commune, the work of the single meeting of the extraordinary session of the council; in the presence of the council members, the representative of the local authority, certain civil servants and a group of citizens.

At the beginning of this session, and after the welcoming address of the communal president, the secretary of the council read out the items on the agenda of the session.

After a thorough debate and except for the 2nd point – concerning the approval of the Delegated Management Contract relating to the Financing, Design, Studies, Construction, Equipment, Management and Exploitation of underground public car parks in Salé – which was postponed to a later session, the other items on the agenda were unanimously approved. It is:

  • Study and approval of the Communal Action Plan;
  • Partnership agreement for the creation of a zone of economic activities and services at the boulevard Zarbia in the district Hssaine, part of which is dedicated to craft shops located in the parcel registered under the title number TF66612 , which is in the path of the tramway;
  • Approval of the amendment to the contract concluded with the local development company “Sala Noor” for the management of public lighting in the city of Salé;
  • Approval of the amendment to the tax order;
  • Approval to transfer funds from the Operation to Investment section;
  • Approval of the temporary occupation of part of two properties registered successively under the securities numbers T76583 / R and T4349 / R for the benefit of the company Tramway of Rabat-Salé for the temporary transfer of traffic on Zarbia Boulevard, to build an art installation at the junction of the high-speed line (LGV) with Zarbia Boulevard;
  • Approval of the planning of the public road for the construction of the ring road N ° 2 at the entrance of the district My Ismail, and the designation of lands to be expropriated for this purpose and by the temporary occupation, according to the estimates of the administrative committee for evaluating.

The work of this session ended with a message of loyalty addressed to HM the King, may God assist him.