The commune of Salé … For an open administration

Ms. Halima Chouika, vice-president of the commune council of Salé, attended the congress prepared by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Tunisia on March 13, 2018 in Tunis, on the theme: “The local administration opened”; and this, in collaboration with the cities La Marsa, Sfax, Sayada, and in the presence of a Madrilenian speaker alongside the experts from the OECD.

This conference was an opportunity for Ms. Chouika to expose, in the framework of her speech entitled “The commune of Salé, for an open administration”, the efforts made by the municipality of Salé to consolidate the principle of open administration through the realization of its foundations, namely the strengthening of integrity, while promoting transparency, broader citizen participation and increased use of new technologies. Thus, Ms. Chouika pointed out that a series of measures was taken by the commune of Salé in this direction, such as: the creation of consultation committees at the level of the five boroughs; the institutionalization of the public consultation through the establishment of the “Thursday Concertation”, as a space for exchange and consultation on many issues affecting local affairs, and which is organized on the first Thursday of each month. She also referred to the initiative undertaken by the municipality for the publication, via its electronic site, of the decisions of the council, as well as a set of administrative data relating to the budget, the public markets, the procedures concerning the authorizations.

This meeting was the perfect opportunity to share ideas and experiences with the representatives of Tunisian cities mentioned above, just as it was agreed to hold the next gathering in Salé to present the OECD recommendations about the communal experience of Salé.