Meeting of the Instance of Equity, Equal Opportunities and Gender Approach on the Salé Action Program

The President of the municipality of Salé, Mr. Jamaâ El Moâtassim, chaired, on the afternoon of Monday, May 28, 2018, at the headquarters of the municipality located in Bab Bouhaja, a meeting devoted to the submission of the Program of Action of the Commune for the period 2018-2023 for the attention of the Instance of Equity, Equal Opportunities and Gender Approach (IEECAG); and this, in the presence of some members of the communal council, the executives of the municipality, as well as media representatives.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. El Moâtassim emphasized that the preparation of the Salé Action Program (PAS) was conducted in a participatory manner characterized by the active participation of civil society associations in all the different stages of preparation, in particular as regards the diagnosis of the needs and potentialities of the municipality, the setting of its priorities and the proposal of development projects.

The president of the council also added that the organization of this meeting is of crucial importance insofar as it allows the discussion of the axes of the Program of Action on behalf of the members of the IEECAG created with the communal council, before it will be submitted during the work of the extraordinary session, scheduled for Wednesday, May 30, 2018, for approval.

He also stated that the creation of IEECAG will add value to the participation of associations in the study of issues related to the implementation of the principles of equity, equal opportunities and the gender approach and the preparation of reports, recommendations and petitions on these issues.

Subsequently, Mr. Bahaeddine Akdi, vice-president of the communal council, explained, in detail, the PAS that proposes development projects to be conducted or to contribute to the territory of the municipality for six years; in that it addresses the summaries of the participatory diagnosis tracing communal needs and potentialities, particularly in terms of infrastructures, communal public facilities and local services, as well as the implementation of projects proposed in various socio-economic fields cultural, sports and environmental.

The debate was then opened where various interventions by the members of the IEECAG were unanimous to underline and appreciate the spirit of consultation and openness of the local council of Salé on the local actors, as well as their pride to belong to this consultative body. Stakeholders also expressed a number of views, observations and recommendations regarding the content of the SAP, in particular issues related to equity, equal opportunities and the gender approach.