Organization of an open meeting with Mr.Omar Sentissi on the issues of urban planning and housing in Salé

As part of a series of open meetings with the mayors and presidents of large and medium-sized cities in Morocco, the committee on territories and the Urban question of the Party of Progress and Socialism, on the occasion of the eightieth anniversary of the foundation of the Party, organized, on Thursday, Novembre 30, 2023 with Mr. Omar Sentissi, president of the commune of Salé, an open meeting on the issues of Urban planning and housing in the city of Salé.

During this meeting, and in response to journalists’ questions, Mr. Omar Sentissi adressed a certain number of aspects linked to the question of Urban planning and housing in the city of Salé, particularly in view of the current situation of the sector, the problems and constraints it experiences, as well as efforts made to monitor the organization of the territory in light of the challenges the city faces.

The meeting, wich was moderated by Mr. Jamal Karim Benchekroun, member of the party’s politial bureau and coordinator of the territories and urban question commision, was marked by the participation of Mr. Abdelahad Fassi-Fihri, former minister of National territorial planning, Land planning, Housing and City Policy, who presented a presentation on the subject, and also participated representatives of the Democratic association of progressive Elected Officials, associations civil society and elected officials, as well as a certain number of citizens, and representatives of several media sites.