The commune of Salé organizes a consultation meeting on “The citizen and the public space”

As part of the “Salé Thursday Concertation” meetings, the commune of Salé will organize a consultation meeting on the theme: “The citizen and the public space”; and this, Thursday, October 4, 2018 around 15h, at the big communal hall located in Bab Bouhaja.

This meeting is intended to illustrate the particular interest of the municipal council in improving the urban landscape within public spaces, as an integral part of the public domain dedicated to public use and the provision of services, as well as places open to users reflecting the Man-Space interactions, which has resulted in initiatives and procedures aimed at strengthening and developing these spaces to keep pace with the changes the city has undergone, making it more attractive.

The meeting plans to open the discussion between various stakeholders on the initiatives and efforts made by the commune council of Salé concerning the management of the public domain communal, highlighting its imperfections including those relating to the lawless exploitation and grabbing public spaces, as well as making recommendations on the contribution of all stakeholders in protecting and improving the use of public spaces.